About Us

Mission Statement.  
The Antique Mall of Allen is dedicated to providing the best of product and service
to all facets of our community.

Who We Are.
The Antique Mall of Allen, Texas located at 1
04 North Greenville Avenue, opened
in October 2006 with an overwhelming welcome by our neighbors and friends. We
started the Antique Mall in concert with the vision of Allen becoming one of the
fastest growing cities in the north Texas area.  Allen has indeed achieved that
distinction and this growth has reinforced the need to provide quality antique and
collectible items to complement the decor and lifestyles of those residing in the
area.  Through careful selection of dealers and review of the items being offered
for sale, we have developed into one of the premier Antique Malls in the
Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  COME GROW WITH US!
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104 N. Greenville Avenue Allen, Texas 75002 Tel: 214-383-9304
Antique Mall of Allen